Darko Stošić

Visina (CM/IN) 182/72
Težina (KG/LBS) 105/231
Skor (W-L-D) 10-1-0

Emil Zahariev

Visina (CM/IN) 182/72
Težina (KG/LBS) 117/258
Skor (W-L-D) 22-7-0

Who is Darko Stosic?

Darko was born on 09.02.1992 in Lacarak, a small place in Vojvodina, Serbia.

When he was 7 years old, he started practicing judo at a local club, judo club “LSK Lacarak”. He stayed in this club until he was 15 and then he enrolled in High School in Belgrade and continued to practice in judo club “Red Star” for the next three years.
At the time of winning the state medals for juniors and younger seniors he stopped with his judo career and from that moment he has started his professional MMA career that officially began by his first professional victory in Belgrade organized by the “Tesla Fighting Championship 3”.

After that, he won next three matches and then experienced defeat against the Czech Jiri Prochazka, that was also his only defeat in his career by now. In one of the best European organizations FFC (Final Fight Championship) he won next 6 matches.

Fantastic debut for Darko Stosic! Win in first round! TKO (VIDEO)

The debut of Darko Stošić and the UFC lasted only three minutes, or so he needed to finish the fight against Jeremy Kimballa. The Serbian fighter took advantage of the opportunity offered by the American and came to victory with a technical knockout. It was a struggle...

Cro Cop Team with Darko Stosic

One of the best Serbian fighters Darko Stosic, former FFC heavyweight champion, will debut this weekend in the world's most powerful fighting division - UFC! Opposing will be also former FFC champion Jeremy Kimbal.Stosic has made nobody else to appear at UFC Fayt Najt...

BOOM! After 4 years – finally match in Belgrade!

Darko Stosic will perform in front of a local audience after 4 years of break An event called COLLISION Fighting League - Serbia will be held in September this year. The press conference will take place tomorrow, June 22, at TC-Stadion starting at 12h - "Elite Elite"!...

“When I retired, none of this, we will miss you. I love to fight, but when you every day the same, eat the food that is disgusting taste, train again, eat, sleep, and so every day, you become bored . “

Gegard Mousasi