He was born on Feb 9th 1992. in Laćarak, a small town in Vojvodina, Serbia.

At the age of 7, he started to train judo in a local judo club called “LSK Laćarak” where he was training until the age of 15, when he moved to Belgrade because of the high school. Right after moving to Belgrade, he became a part of judo club “Crvena Zvezda (Red Star)” where he kept training for about 3 years.

As a judoka, he was a national champion 10 times, Balkan champion and Balkan vice champion. He was pronounced to be the best player of the sport club “Red Star”.

Right after winning a national championship for juniors and younger seniors in judo, he stopped practicing judo and replaced judo with MMA. His rst professional title was in “Tesla Fighting Championship 3”. After that, he keeps on winning in the next 4 matches but loses the 5th one against Jurij Prochazko in Czech Republic. That is the only match Darko has ever lost. In the next 7 matches, Darko keeps on winning in every single match, including the matches in one of the best European organizations- FFC (Final Fight Championship).

In 2016 in FFC he ended up as a champion in a match for heavyweighters against the famous ghter Dion Staring. At the end of the same year, Darko defended the belt in a match against Dion and just conrmed the title of the best FFC ghter. In the beginning of 2017 he leaves FFC. In mid-2017 he ghts in his 13th match that brought him a victory against the 130kg heavy Tomasz Czerwinski in less than 30 seconds. At the end of the same year, Darko signed a contract for the world ́s most elite MMA organization called UFC (Ultimat Fighting Championship).

He has been a MMA ghter for 5 years so far.